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Service of Cross-Cultural Family Mediation

 Also, an efficient mediator has a solid knowledge of both the migration population and the mainstream culture, ensuring that refugees/migrants have the right and space to express their needs and that mainstream society understands the situation and handles it properly. Another essential skill is a good grasp of the social context and of all the regulatory aspects related to mainstream healthcare, national social service, education, work, etc. In relation to the above, intercultural mediator must be able to foresee the possible conflicts that could arise from the encounter of different cultures and traditions. Thus, management skills and handling obstacles to the integration and access to education and medical care is required.

In addition to Mediation Services, we provide the following and other services that may serve your interests, please speak with a Case Manager during your meeting.

Therapy Services​

- Art Therapy

- Family Counseling

- Coping & Adjustments

- Anger Management *NEW*

- Group Therapy

- Intercultural Therapy

- Pastoral (Interfaith) Counseling 

- Chaplain Guided Interventions'

- Crisis Intervention

- Patient Advocate *NEW*

Cultural Services

​- Case Management 

- Family Mediation 

- Interfaith Mediation 

- Support Resources

- Cross-cultural/Interfaith                        Networking & Support Group

- Legal Resources

- Satire Construction                                  Experiential Experience *NEW*

- Personalized Private Mentoring

​Case Management

- Healthcare

- Food and Clothing​
- Housing Assistance​ *Limited Applications*
- Reduced Fee Programs​
- Behavioral Health Guidance (Referrals)

- Utility Assistance *No Funds until 12/14*

- Pro Bono Assistance for associated

   medical, dental, and social services

   resources *NEW*


Case Management Services are for adults with cross-cultural or interfaith needs:

- Have trouble with covering finances

- Have trouble managing finances

- Have no stable housing

- Struggle with Physical/Mental Health

- Have friends/family unsure how to help

  * Contact: Case Management Screener*

​Educational Services

- Career Services

- Educational support *NEW*

- Learning Difficulties Assistance

- School Advocates Program *In 3/2/22*

- Other services related to cultural            disparities *See Case Manager*

Senior Services​

- Non-medical assistance

- Respite Care

- Caregiving Referrals
- Help with personal care,

   housekeeping, meal preparation,

   and companionship

Other Services:

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